Thanks for looking into purchasing a copy of You 2.0.

This film was entirely self-funded. 100% of your purchase goes to me, the filmmaker. No distributor. No studio.

iBook – $7.99

You 2.0 on the iPad is the best way to experience the project. It includes the full film and chapters with each interviewee. Each chapter has extended interview clips and transcripts of the interview (most have both but some only have one or the other). That’s over 3 hours of extended interviews.

Purchase on iTunes

Digital Download – $10

Digital Download includes:
  • Full version of You 2.0
  • Life Hacking Conversations: Extended interviews with most of the subjects, including Merlin Mann, Gina Trapani, Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, Leo Laporte, and more!
  • Transcripts of select interviews

The files are quicktime, DRM free and playable whenever and wherever you like.

Download You 2.0




All Digital Copies in all versions are for personal use only. If you’d like to have a screening, please contact me.

  • Pasz

    Hey, put it on the AppleTV network too!

  • Joey

    I’m gonna try to get it everywhere!

  • Tim

    Can I download this from anywhere? I’m in the UK and it seems silly to ship it!

  • Ross Johnson

    Please please please make this available for download! I’m on the go all the time and its really inconvenient for me to have it shipped :(

  • Roger Mitchell

    Hello, I agree with the previous comments. Would be great if we could download this somehow. I live in the UK and it will cost $10 to ship here.

  • pasz

    I agree! I live in The Netherlands!

  • pasz

    Like I posted earlier: Why not sell it via the iTunes movie store, too?

  • Joey

    I’ve adjusted the international shipping rates to better reflect specific countries (including the UK and Netherlands).

    I’d love to have it on the iTunes store, there’s just two issues. 1, I can’t find any info anywhere on Apple’s site on how to do this, or if they even accept indie films, and their offices aren’t open right now.

    And 2, the film was sort of designed to work best as a DVD. You 2.0 itself is a short film. The other 75% of the footage is all the extra interviews that you can view based on whatever interests you most. Sort of an on-demand documentary experience.

    I definitely want to have an online option, and I’m looking into ways to keep the way the film is setup and allow for online viewing.

  • pasz

    Hey Joey,

    The Apple movie store has an indie category, and documentary category too. How to get it on the store I don’t know…

  • Roger Mitchell

    I can appreciate what Joey is saying about the iTunes Store. It doesn’t lend itself well to DVD extras and the like. Also, they’d probably want a nice “cut” of the sale which would leave Joey out of pocket. A possible alternative would be to host the ISO image file on a password protected FTP site and offer this as a download option.

  • Matt

    Are you going to be creating a trailer of some sort? I would really appreciate some clips of the interviews before I go about buying the DVD.

  • Björn

    I would also like to download the movie because the shipping rates to Germany are too expensive!

  • Lori

    omg – I just got mine and watched it – what an eye opener. Great interviews and a wealth of good advice – now it’s up to me!

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  • JC

    Why don’t you make a membership site?

    Then you can lay it out (even better than the DVD) exactly as you’d like and people would have almost instant access to all the video content.

    Just charge the same $14.99 for unlimited access to the site via username/password.

  • Wesley

    Hi, I’ve just ordered a physical copy of the DVD. Is there anyway I can watch it online?

  • Joey

    Thanks Wesley. I’m working on getting it online, and anyone who purchases the DVD will have access.

  • Dylan

    I’m definitely going to take the Online Access route as I live in Australia. Any idea when it might be released? Like this month, or a little bit longer still to go?


  • Guerilla Interview

    Thanks for creating this movie!! I just purchased it now, and download atm. CAN’T WAIT!!!

    How long did this project take?
    It’s an amazing job!! I’d love to meet the guys you have interviewed!! :)

    Amazing effort!!

  • Martin Sjåstad

    Hahahahahaha!!! I use textexpander and have a snippet for my name, but it somehow copied what I had in my clipboard… Weird stuff.

    Anyway THANKS again!! Can’t wait!!

  • Wedding Stationery

    I want to use this for creating a video for our wedding stationery and other portfolio material.

  • Noni fruit

     WOW! The information make me understand. You helped me so much. Thanks for sharing this. It made me understand something, and it is that I never knew before.

  • Robnonstop

    Physical copy only? Waiting for delivery? Paying for shipping? Messing with duane etc.? Not in the life of a lifehacker. Guess I’ll have to give my money to someone else who offers a simple download of a video file, like Louis CK and the creators of the Indie Game documentary.

  • Frustrated customer

    Guys. I’d love to buy your book on iTunes, but you seem to have fallen upon the common american conception that there aren’t people (paying customers) outside of your borders. I can assure you that we are here, we have disposable currency, and sometimes we even buy stuff from you guys! However, with a New Zealand iTunes account (or any other region) you can’t buy from the US iTunes store which seems to be the only place you have bothered to list the book.

  • Joey

    Additional territories have been submitted to iTunes and waiting for it to go live. Thanks!