Great TED Talk by Dan Pink on how rewards do not make a great motivation tool. There’s tons of research from decades worth of studies that have proved this, yet the system still continues as normal.

There’s a mismatch between what science knows and what business does.

He also touches on Results Only Work Environments (ROWE), which I’m a big fan of and that idea was part of what inspired me to go independent.

Also making the rounds is the release of a study by Stanford concluding that multitasking makes you bad at everything you’re doing.

The huge finding is, the more media people use the worse they are at using any media.

So, bottom line, if you see an executive multitasking who works on rewards, run far away.

  • James NomadRip

    Good talk. I already knew I was bad at multi-tasking, but I’m glad to see these studies that say it’s not just me.

  • dayaparan

    As usual TED videos are informative, innovative and interesting. thanks you 2.0

  • Joey

    No problem – TED Talks are great