First TechCrunch50 dispatch. Micoy has created a 3D technology that lets you walk around and interact in a 3D virtual environment.

What prevents this with traditional 3D technology is since there is only one focal point, when you look away you lose the 3D illusion. With their technology, each pixel is 3D so you can look anywhere and still maintain the virtual illusion.

With sensors you can even interact with the world a la Minority Report style.

Check out the camera to shoot live action towards the end of the podcast. It’s like Disney’s Circle-Vision on steroids.

Star Trek’s Holodeck a Reality – Episode 02

  • Zippy God

    wanna live in this cyberworld, but what about food?

  • Kamagra

    Holodeck, Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV & Films) I once debated with a fellow … Having a virtual-reality-based, hand-navigated filing cabinet system …