My TechCrunch Favs for the Day

Besides my previously mentioned MIXXT and Popego, here are my two other favs from my first day:

Fitbit is actually a device that you wear to track your movement and fitness. It’s more than a pedometer, with an accelerometer and other gizmos inside to track a range of data, such as three dimensional movement and calorie burn and how much you slept. When you walk by the base station connected to your computer, the data is automatically uploaded. Like RescueTime tracks your computer use, Fitbit tracks your physical activity with the idea being you can adjust your habits and become more fit. $99 to buy the device and the website tracking is included.

Swype is a new way to input text. It’s from the guy who created the current input software that’s on like a billion phones. On a querty keyboard on a touch input screen, instead of tapping each letter, you swipe over each letter to spell the word. The technology recognizes what word you want and types it. Once you get the hang of it you can get about 50 WPM.